Corporate Services


Company Formation in Malta

RGN Malta attends to all formalities associated with the incorporation of a new company in Malta, whether one is in need for a Holding Company or a Trading Company.

The formation process can be finalized within few days from receipt of the documentation and satisfaction of requirements established by Maltese law.  A company is set up through the drafting and registration of its Memorandum and Articles of Association, which includes the Company Name, Nature of Company, Registered Office, Object and Purpose of Company, Details of shareholder/s, Detailed of Authorized and Issued Share Capital, Details of Director/s, Judicial and Legal Representative/s and Company Secretary.

RGN Malta can advise on the appropriate share capital structure and tailor the constitution accordingly to your specific needs.

Bank Account Opening Assistance

Through our knowledge of both local and foreign banking environment we can advise you on the most appropriate bank according to your profile and requirements.  Whether you need a personal or a corporate bank account, and whether you are Malta resident or not, we can assist you in the process of opening a bank account both in Malta or else in another EU country.

Our services include the selection of the banking institution and the related preparation and submission of bank account opening formalities and due diligence requirements.

Registered Office

A Maltese company is required by law to have its registered office in Malta, irrespective of where the company’s business is undergone.  A company’s registered office must always be an effective address for delivering documents to the company.  It must also be the address where the company incorporation documentation, registers and copies of annual accounts are held and are available for public inspection.

RGN Malta offers a registered address facility, which is a simple way of establishing a legal presence in Malta, without having to go through any costly arrangements.

RGN Malta is also able to assist you in the location of renting or purchasing an office or any other commercial premises for your business in Malta.


RGN Malta can provide you the solution should you wish to appoint an individual director to your Maltese company.  Our directors have a vast professional background and a wide experience in this area, both as executive and non-executive directors. 

Our responsibility would include, but not limited to, ensuring that the Maltese company operates in compliance with Maltese law and regulations, liaising with the local authorities, and ensuring that the operations of the Maltese company are conducted in the best interest of its shareholder/s.

Company Secretary

A Maltese company is obliged by law to appoint a company secretary.  The law does not require the company secretary to be a Maltese resident, but it is advisable that the appointed person has knowledge of local company law.  RGN Malta can lessen your burden with the administrative responsibilities involved and act as company secretary for your company.  We are committed to assist you in a professional way

Our responsibilities would include maintaining minutes of general meetings and board of directors meetings, maintaining the register of members and such other registers and records as it may be required, ensure proper notices are given of all meetings, ensure that all returns, statutory forms, resolutions and other documents of the company are prepared and delivered and filed in accordance with the requirements of the Companies Act.

Preparation and Filing of All Returns

Every company in Malta must prepare an annual return upon each anniversary of the companies’ incorporation.  The return must be filed with the Registrar of Companies within 42 days from the company’ anniversary date.

RGN Malta can assist you in preparing and filing the company’s annual return on your behalf ensuring that the filing deadline is met.  We will notify you each year in advance of the annual return filing deadline.

Share Transfers

Shares can be transferred within companies in Malta.  Duty is imposed on share transfers, however if 90% of a company’s business is outside Malta, exemptions apply.  Capital gains is also imposed, however exemptions apply if the transfer is from non-residents.

RGN Malta, in collaboration with suitable audit professionals, provide services to facilitate the transfer of shares between the interested parties in line within the law.